The Difference

What Makes us Different

What makes us different? There are so many roofing companies in West Michigan. Why choose Patriot Roofing LLC?

Our Values

We value hard work and exceeding our customers expectations. In recent years, hard work seems like a swear word. We want to bring back appreciation for hard work. We are excited to come to work and install your new roof!

We value straight forward communication; you will not feel pushed or pressured in the sales process. We truly want the best for our customers and hope you find confidence in how we treat you.

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Our Quality

There are 2 parts to quality. First is having quality people on our team to install the roofs. Our installers work directly for us. They install our roofs according to how they have been trained by Patriot Roofing. A good installer with a cheaper shingle is better than a bad installer on any shingle.

The second part of quality is the materials. We use the best shingles on the market! We recommend Malarkey Shingles. These are not your average asphalt shingles. These shingles are asphalt blended with rubbers and polymers creating a rubberized shingle! Because of this technology this shingle ends up being one of the highest quality for the best price. They are not the cheapest, but extremely competitive in price. These are just a couple of the reasons they are the best shingle for the money on the market.

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We do our own work!

Did you know most roofing contractors sub-contract the roofs out? This means that the company that sells you the roof, does not actually do the work! What does this mean?

First, sub-contractors may not have the same commitment to quality as the company who sells the roof. They get paid to get the job done as fast as possible.

Second, when using sub-contractors, there is a higher change that the customers expectations may not be communicated as well. Any special instructions need to be fully understood by everyone on the sub-contracting crew. Third the sub-contracting crew may or may not be able to communicate with you, the customer because of a language barrier.

At Patriot Roofing, we train every employee to install the roof to our standards. We are able to be closely involved and evaluate the installation of the roof because we have total control over our crew. This allows for a much better experience for the customer.

and Catch-All System!

Equipter: Have you seen our Equipter? Customers love our Equipter! This machine allows us to keep the jobsite extremely clean. No more tearing the roof off and throwing all the trash on the ground, crushing plants and scratching siding. Our Equipter protects your home and landscaping so that you can have a good roofing experience! The Equipter also allows a faster clean up process allowing our crew to focus more on installing the roof and on the quality that matters to you!

Catch-All System: Did you know we are the only company in West Michigan that has invested in the Catch-All System? This tarp system is made of breathable tarps that do not bake your plants and landscaping in the hot sun. The system also has tarps that can be attached to poles that can be extended to bring the tarp up the sides of the house. Whatever the Equipter does not catch, the Catch-All will!

Our investment in the Equipter and Catch-All System is an investment in customer satisfaction and property protection.

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Equipter And Catch All 3x4
Equipter 4000 In Front Of House