About Us

Patriot Roofing Logo

Patriot Roofing LLC was started in March of 2016 with the name Lawrence Roofing LLC in Hudsonville, MI. As our company began to grow, we saw a need to change our name with our growth. This company was not just Thomas Lawrence roofing. It was bigger than that. We have always been extremely patriotic and love what our country was founded upon. We also saw a need for conservative businesses to support what they believe in. One of the ways we wanted to support what we believe in is through changing the name to Patriot Roofing LLC.

The name Patriot Roofing LLC is meant to say we believe in God, Family, and Country (In that order). We also believe we were created to work, and that work is a gift from God. In a world that is telling people to work less, and that the world owes them something, we want to use Patriot Roofing LLC to support the idea that work is good.

We believe in being good stewards of the opportunities that God and our Founding Fathers have given to us. God has given our company a lot of opportunities in the roofing industry. We believe it is our job to honor those blessings by doing quality work and focusing on providing the best value to the customer.

Because of this, we believe in doing the work ourselves. We do not subcontract out the roofs. When someone hires us to do a job, we are the ones installing it. This gives us direct control over the quality, and better communication to get the job done to the customers expectations.

We look forward to serving you and the rest of the West Michigan community.

Patriot Roofing Team At Work Portrait